My pricing is straightforward:
My hourly rates start at 700 DKK. You purchase the quantity you need upfront, and use it at your own pace and for any services you require. Each purchase remains valid for a year, and I provide weekly updates on your remaining time and expiration date.

5 hours: 3.500 DKK ex vat.
10 hours: 6.500 DKK ex. vat.
15 hours: 9.000 DKK ex. vat.

Monthly retainers:
I offer a limited number of retainers for clients with ongoing needs exceeding 10 hours per week. These retainers are valid for one month and are invoiced at the start of the month, with the option for a recurring payment setup. The hourly rate for retainers is 350 DKK. This is a limited-capacity offer.

Up to 15 hours a week, for a month: 21.000 DKK ex. vat.
Up to 20 hours a week, for a month: 28.000 DKK ex. vat.
Up to 25 hours a week, for a month: 35.000 DKK ex. vat.

For purchase please contact me at