As an entrepreneur finding the balance between your business needs and creating a simple, fulfilling life can be daunting. However, it is not impossible. Simplification isn’t about cutting corners or sacrificing a profitable business; it’s about finding balance. The key to simplification is understanding that less can indeed be more, leading to both happiness and… Læs mere Simplify

The Power of Partnership

In the fast-paced world of business, where time is money and efficiency is paramount, the role of a personal assistant (PA) has always been crucial. However, with the increase in remote work and online businesses, the paradigm of assistance has shifted. Virtual Assistants (VAs) bring a host of benefits to business owners and solopreneurs, enabling… Læs mere The Power of Partnership

Taking Great Notes

I recently took a short course on LinkedIn Learning on note taking. It’s a discipline I enjoy – being the handwriting, color coding, beautiful notebooks buying type of person that I am.  What I had not considered before this course was that note-taking is essentially an exercise in “capturing information and turning it into action.” I… Læs mere Taking Great Notes

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Stop Procrastination! (Now, Not Tomorrow)

Procrastination is something we’ve all been guilty of now and then. (My particular form of procrastination includes chips, coke (the drink), and excessive organizing). Whatever the specifics, I think it stems from a perception that the project will be difficult, expensive, or confusing. The key word is perception. How then, can we get moving when stalled on… Læs mere Stop Procrastination! (Now, Not Tomorrow)